Food and Wine

Eating Down Under is Oz-some

It was midnight. I climbed aboard a Qantas jet in Los Angeles bound for Sydney Australia. I had been travelling all day. I wanted nothing more than to stick the squishy little plugs in my ears, pull down my eyeshade and sleep my way across the Pacific. Continue reading

Go for the Wine and Food

Like love and marriage or a horse and carriage, wine and food are meant for each other. Whether it’s Napa or Niagara, Bordeaux or Burgundy, wherever you find great wine production, you’ll find interesting and usually exciting cuisine. Continue reading

It’s Maine-ly food that brings travellers here

Is it any wonder people drive thousands of kilometres to savour Maine’s stunning coastal scenery? Blue sea, bluer sky, crashing surf, rockbound shores, pristine beaches, and picturesque fishing villages – it is scenery that has inspired writers and artists for decades. It’s all here in one lovely, alluring, addictive package. Continue reading

The Passion and the Magic

Want proof that 1 + 1 = 3? You have only to attend, as I did recently, a wine tasting lead by Dr. Champlain Charest who brings all the passion of a collector and connoisseur extraordinaire and Georg Riedel who adds the magic of the wine-specific glasses that he designs. Together, they add up to a whole new dimension to appreciating wine. Continue reading