Adventure in Patagonia

The trip was described as “Adventures in Wine Vacation, Chile” and, yes, it immediately caught my attention. Chile was at the top of my ‘Places to Visit’ list. Also, when it comes to the country’s wines, I’ll confess to being a hopeless lush. Continue reading

Discovering Ancient Alberta

My husband and I have rendezvoused in Calgary with two teenaged grandchildren (who agreed to bring along their parents), planning to delve into the wonderful world of dinosaurs, digs and hoodoos. Continue reading

On a Truffle Hunt

A slightly built Frenchman, with the leathered looks of an outdoor life, his wooly toque is in place, with mud caking his heavy boots. A sturdy satchel slung over his shoulder, he trundles through the woods of southern France with a little dachshund at his heels.Continue reading